Bimal Kumar

Founder & CEO

Bimal Kumar Consider himself as a traveler. He sets out on a journey to more than 30 countries around the world immersing himself in each of their education systems, learning that every country’s education system have their own strengths and weaknesses in what they taught. This leads him to establish School Group to help schools collaborate globally. He is the man on the mission to unit schools to bridge the gap of education.


James Stevens

Content Editor

 James Stevens writes and educates about latest trends in Global, Social, and Cultural issues. He has a knack for communicating sophisticated concepts in an engaging manner. His passion is writing, instructing, and building lasting relationships with friends and coworkers.

James’ philosophy is to always seek the challenge. Never accepting the status quo he is always searching to improve writing processes, lead by example with best practices, and contribute to a winning team culture.

Ann Lopez

Volunteer Coordinator

Ann is an educator with over 14 years of experience. Her expertise is in Elementary Education and teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). She is also a Navy spouse and a full-time mom to two little children, both under the age of 6.

Ann has taught in various educational settings ranging from public schools, tutoring centers, summer camps, early childhood center, postsecondary institute as well as abroad in Japan and Singapore.

Ann is passionate about helping others, especially children. She believes children should be educated as a “whole” and that includes cultivating and nurturing their social-emotional learning.

Ann is a firm believer in two things, lifelong learning and practicing kindness.


Namita Yadav

Finance and Cost Analyst

Nami is a recent graduate Chartered Accountancy at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. As a young professional, Nami is very proficient in all matters concerning finance and auditing.

Nami is an outgoing and loving person. Some of the hobbies she enjoys is reading, writing and studying. Most important of all is her loyalty to the cause of this organization to ensure everyone can share in a global learning experience.


Joseph Vlad

Media Coordinator

Joseph is currently is enrolled in the university’s graduate school program to pursue his MBA.  Joseph is an entrepreneur in heart and has had the pleasure of establishing a store named Safari Natural Herbs and Tea, LLC.

Joseph has had the opportunity to work doing a variety of jobs that have earned him a dynamic and cumulative 5 years worth of experience.  He has worked as a customer service representative, carpenter, auto mechanic, and assistant manager.

The biggest supporters, pushing him to continue his education, are his 6-month-old daughter and his wife.