Bimal Kumar

Founder & CEO

Bimal Kumar considers himself a traveler and a learner. He set out on a journey to more than 30 countries around the world, immersing himself in each of their educational systems. In his travels, he learned that every country’s education system have its own strengths and weak

nesses. This led him to establish School Group to help schools collaborate globally. His ultimate mission is to unite schools and bridge gaps in education.

Kris Seeburn

Kris Seeburn has a rich background in information technology and teaching. He has served as a Professor of Information Systems Audit and Control; worked in IT & Enterprise Governance, computer security, and information warfare; and a is a seasoned Information Security Consultant and Project Management Expert.

Kris currently is a Visiting & Distinguished Professor at National Defense for IT & Internet Governance, Digital Forensics, Information Security, Risk and Internet Law also served as Researcher/Director for a Digital Forensics Lab joint FBI. Prior to his time teaching, Kris has completed various banking and finance audits as well as BASEL II / III and various other core standards audits and implementations. He has been actively participating on various International Standards bodies such as ISO/NIST and serves as Member of ISO JTC1. Kris is also an avid writer, which you can find mainly on his LinkedIn profile. :

Kris firmly believes in the value and necessity of volunteering: with immigrants escaping violent conflict and underprivileged kids needing education to homeless people in need of housing, there are no shortage of ways volunteers can help make a difference. He believes the greatest thing about volunteering may be the benefits it offers to individual recipients, their communities, and the volunteers themselves. He is eager to infuse his experience, passion, and philosophy into School Group

Yelena Trepetin

Yelena has been a business litigation attorney for over ten years. She is also currently serving as General Counsel for a healthcare company. Yelena is a graduate of Tulane University Law School. While at Tulane, Yelena was the Senior Managing Editor of the Tulane Journal of International and Comparative Law and also served as a student attorney for the Domestic Violence Clinic, providing legal representation for indigent victims of domestic abuse. Yelena also attended Duke University School of Law where she was a visiting Staff Editor of the Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law.

Yelena received her undergraduate degree from Brandeis University. As part of her undergraduate studies, she also spent a year at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Yelena’s other legal work experience includes consulting for a law firm, clerking at the Maryland Office of the Public Defender for Baltimore County and interning for the Honorable J. Norris Byrnes and the Honorable Lawrence R. Daniels in the Circuit Courts of Baltimore County.

Namita Yadav

Nami, a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce and a major in Accounting & Finance, is currently taking up her Chartered Accountancy at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Nami is highly passionate and skilled in finance and auditing, and she is committed to helping people in her family and community.

Nami has several years’ experience working for a chartered accountancy firm, where she worked primarily in auditing, value added tax and service tax. She has also worked as a cost and finance analyst.

Nami is an outgoing and loving person. She enjoys reading, writing, and studying. She is excited to join School Group and hopes to ensure everyone can share in a global learning experience.

Joseph Vlad

Marketing Coordinator


Joseph is an MBA student and has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (with a major in Marketing Management) from the University of San Agustin in the Phillipines. The biggest supporters, pushing him to continue his education, are his 6-month-old daughter and his wife.

Joseph has held a variety of dynamic and diverse careers as a customer service representative, carpenter, auto mechanic, and assistant manager.

Joseph is also an entrepreneur at heart and has had the pleasure of establishing a store named Safari Natural Herbs and Tea, LLC. However, the store failed after 6 months. This has not stopped him from pursuing other ventures, including designing and selling unique handmade animal cages, handmade furnitures, homemade coffee, and homemade peanut butter.

The greatest Joseph has learned is seeing failures as a positive force in his life. It has fueled him to keep dreaming big. His free time involves having tea parties with his daughter and chef of the kitchen for his wife.  

Jessica Nielsen

Jessica is the financial analyst for School Group in Texas. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio and has 4 years’ experience in the banking industry and finance sector, dealing mostly with consumer and commercial lending. Jessica currently supports the commercial lending division for a local Texas bank, but her goal is to take her career to the next level and become a financial analyst in the next few years. Her experience in commercial lending has given her the ability to understand business financials, P&L statements, Balance and Income statements, and business tax returns, providing her with the necessary baseline knowledge for the financial analyst role.

Jessica is passionate about helping others and serving her community. She is active in the local Chamber of Commerce, and a volunteer for Junior Achievement, where she teaches basic finance practices to high school students in underserved schools. Jessica enjoys gardening, traveling, hiking, and spending time with her husband and 2-year-old son. Jessica is a self-proclaimed burger enthusiast; she once traveled across the state just to find the most delicious burger in Texas!  

Elena Saygo

Wordpress Administrator

Born and raised in Romania, a country of contrasts and beautiful natural scenery, Elena got her degree in Economics and worked for several years in the banking sector as a Financial Accountant. In 2008 she moved to Ireland and obtained a Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) degree. She had the opportunity to work with amazing people in both private practice and insurance industry. In 2015 she moved from “sunny” Ireland to the Seattle in the United States. Contrary to most people’s beliefs, Elena says the weather is actually better in Seattle!

Elena discovered her self-described “inner geek” through her hobbies of web development and WordPress design and administration and is happy to be contribute to School Group in this arena.

In her spare time, Elena enjoys reading stories to her little girl, playing table tennis, and spending time with her family. Elena believes in the power of people reinventing themselves at any stage of their lives. Her guiding motto has been “Enjoy what you are doing and it will shine through,” which has led her to many dynamic and exciting opportunities. Giving back to the community, helping people and always learning in the process are her goals, and she is happy for the chance to do so with School Group.

Shahara “Bang Valenzuela” Davis

After 10 years of service in the US Army, Shahara began her most recent career in strategic planning within the field of medical education grant development.  In this role, Shahara has managed the business development and supported acquisition processes of the education team.

These successes lead her to roles in development and management of the Sponsorship Initiatives from inception to implementation in request for proposal method procedures including; industry research for therapeutic topics, RFP development with needs assessment analysis, partner application, partner selection, proposal improvement, peer-review selection, budget development, budget and proposal submission, grant management, activity execution/launch, and outcomes reporting for e-learning activities.

Shahara has worked for organizations such as the American College of Cardiology, American Cancer Society, WOMEN Unlimited, and volunteers for the Junior Service League of Georgia executing fundraising events.  Shahara exclusively performs in non-profit theater events in Atlanta and Northwest Georgia that support charities in the community. She is also the owner and the featured custom pastry artist of BANGtastics.

Pooja Pethani

Pooja Pethani is a Certified System Administrator and a Certified Platform App-Builder at Salesforce. She delivers creative solutions to enhance user experience and grow business. She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Commerce with majors in Accounting and Financial Management with several years’ experience working with non-profit organizations. She also has an experience as a private academic tutor for more than 7 years.

Pooja also works as a Blood Donor Ambassador at American Red Cross. Working with non-profit organizations has been a passion of Poojas, and she is inspired by organizations dedicated to good causes, which in turn, inspires her to help her own communities. She has a keen interest in cloud technology for customer relationship management solutions and business development.

Pooja is a Zumba enthusiast and likes to travel. Her hobbies also include cooking, reading, and listening to music.

Muhammad Saroosh Khan

Saroosh is a data driven search engine optimizations specialist and content marketing expert who runs an SEO agency at Godzilla SEO. He is currently pursuing a degree in Accounting and Finance from the Institute of Business Administration in Karachi, Pakistan. His experience in the field of SEO dates back to 2016, when he started to learn and research this field independently after his undergraduate. He looks forward to growing his skills and talents as an SEO professionals, while continuing to learn and grow from a variety of organizations. Saroosh is keen to join School Group and looks forward to growing into the organization.

✔Rashmi Manjunath

Rashmi is a human resources professional, specializing in talent acquisition and core HR activities. Most of her experience have been in client service in niche skills and diverse geographical markets. Rashmi is keen to work with School Group as it affords her the opportunity to expand into a different sector. She loves interacting with people and has a commitment to working hard.

Prakash Lakhman

Prakash Lakhman  has built upon a wealth of practical experience and gained a deeper technical knowledge of information and computer technology, principally working within education sectors. Within this line of work, Prakash has had experience in a wide ranges of technical support on multi-platform operating systems, including developing and maintaining user accounts and online staff-portal systems; app and software development; and work on learning management systems such as Moodle and Blackboard. He has supported various projects, including training and coaching for online users and re-structuring learning content on eLearning platforms according to users needs.

Prakash is always  looking for new challenges and opportunities which will utilize and extend  his expertise and technical skills. He has a passion and drive to discover new ways to improve systems and the desire to make it easier for users to embrace new systems.

Sara Russell

Content Manager

Sara has been an educator for the past 10 years in a wide range of capacities, including as a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, experiential learning coach, global education instructor, and wilderness leader. Sara graduated this summer with her Master’s of Education degree from Endicott College’s Madrid campus. She is currently an independent education & curriculum consultant and writer and is in the process of moving (immigrating) from Colorado to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Most recently, Sara developed and coordinated curriculum for a global education company helping schools across the US and Canada create immersive travel programming in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Sara has led cross-cultural training programs in Nepal, India, Peru, and Guatemala, connecting Western youth with rural local communities to help foster global awareness and competency.  Previous to this, Sara was a classroom teacher and wilderness trip leader over the summer months. She’s spent over 150 weeks leading youth programming in the Himalayas of Nepal and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Sara loves being in the mountains, running marathons, reading excellent books, experimenting with meringue recipes (pretending she’ll one day make it to the Great British Baking Show), writing, frolicking in hot springs, and laughing!

Shaun Houser

Regulatory and Compliance Attorney

Shaun is an attorney with experience working with general counsel members from several corporations as an intern, attorney, and consultant. He also has experience with civil, federal criminal, and administrative litigation, as well as small business development, and international trade. He currently works as a compliance and business systems integration consultant at a commercial bank. Shaun is a graduate of Wake Forest University School of Law. While in law school he participated in the Litigation Clinic, the Community Law and Business Clinic, as well as the Micro-Trade & Development Clinic based in Nicaragua, spent a summer studying international law at the University of Vienna’s Juridicum, and became a Fellow of the Jury Sunshine Project. Shaun earned his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Oklahoma, with a focus on metaphysics and logic.

Ankita Sankhala

Financial Analysist 

Finance Analyst

Ankita is a qualified Chartered Account and member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. She is currently a Partner at Pipara and Associates in India. Ankita holds several years’ experience in accounting, and she brings varied and rich knowledge of various aspects of Indian income tax, statutory audit, budget projections and tax audits to School Group. She enjoys multiple aspects of finance and book-keeping and is passionate about her work.

Ankita is an active volunteer at multiple organizations, including One Degree and School Group. She firmly believes in the quote: “Every journey starts with a small step.” These words inspire her to contribute her communities.  Ankita publishes a variety of work, which can be viewed on her LinkedIn profile.

Outside of work, Ankita loves to travel and explore the unknowns. She is an active travel blogger and her blogs can be found at

Julia Perina


Julia is a Business Analyst in a recruiting company working with Salesforce-based CRM platform. She is a strong believer that technologies are supposed to improve our lives, and SG is not an exception. She used to work as an academic essays writer which gave her a general understanding of educational systems and their flaws. Volunteering is a new direction for her. Nonetheless, she hopes to make a difference by contributing to SG activities.

Julia currently lives in Ukraine, but is inspired by traveling: luckily, business trips give possibility to discover Europe. She also enjoys writing, reading and tai box workouts!

✔James Taylor

Regulatory and Compliance Attorney

A graduate of Syracuse University College of Law, James is a Corporate generalist grounded in cross-border transactions, business/corporation law, labor law, immigration law, foreign legal consultation, wills & estate. Primary Practice areas include M&A, Korean labor law, foreign legal consultation, business law, international transactions, contract law, immigration law, and government contract law regulations. He also serves as Chief Legal Officer of a project finance company in New York City

James has a passion for education, and a background in teaching ESL. He is grateful to combine his legal expertise, while making a difference in young lives with School Group.


✔Lori Warneke

Content Writer / Editor

Lori is a training and education specialist with a love for writing. She has an MBA from Austin Peay State University and has taught at the college level, worked with K-12 students, and in corporate training. In addition, she has spent many years in science and technology.  

Lori is a Tennessee native and loves the Volunteer State, but enjoys travel as well.  Other interests include art, photography, music and festivals.

✔Zhiqing(Nicole) Huang

Nicole Huang is the Financial analyst for School Group.

She holds a Master’s of Science degree in Accountancy from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

Nicole has a wide range of experience in financial analysis, commodity futures, and international logistics. An avid learner, she frequently take online courses in her spare time about data and computer science to keep herself updated with technology trends. She loves e-Learning and is thrilled to join School Group to develop a new collaborative way of e-Learning for the future.


Madhoo Dev

Digital Marketing Specialist

Madhoo is originally from Pakistan and moved to Philadelphia, PA, US in 2016 to pursue Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing from Rutgers University, New Jersey. Her passion in marketing drives her to learn about consumer preferences and help brands connect with their audience. Currently, Madhoo is working as a full-time Marketing Operations Associate at American Waters.

Her interests lie in strategic management, social media analytics, and market research. She has gained experience in marketing tactics, using different tools to collect, extract and analyze consumer information and draw meaningful insights and trends. She is thrilled to join SG because she believes the vision of SG binds with her own long term mission of spreading education and bringing a unique, impactful educational platform.

Her other interests include fitness, flowers, traveling and photography!

Maida Zafa

Maida Zafar is the Grants Management Associate with School Group. Maida is a business graduate with 9+ years of hands-on experience in the corporate and non-profit sectors. Her experience in pricing and strategy includes skills pertaining to mobile money based FinTech, management consulting for digitizing agriculture value chain, and leveraging technology for poverty alleviation through development sector intervention.

Maida is a certified social performance auditor in the microfinance industry. She has co-authored research papers with leading think-tanks that have been published internationally. Maida is passionate about inclusion of disadvantaged communities to basic economic infrastructure in emerging markets and is accomplished in making a difference through her work with respect to empowering societies. She has traveled far and wide in the rural areas of Pakistan to understand the financial and basic infrastructure needs of smallholder farmers and has delivered successful projects in extremely hard and disenfranchised localities.

She is excited to work with School Group to challenge, enhance, and hone her technical skills. Maida sees volunteering as an exciting opportunity to connect with a network of change makers who are making a positive impact on their societies. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and cooking.