Bimal Kumar

Founder & CEO


Bimal Kumar considers himself a traveler. He set out on a journey to more than 30 countries around the world, immersing himself in each of their educational systems. He learned that every country’s education system have  its own strengths and weaknesses. This led him to establish School Group to help schools collaborate globally. He is a man on the mission to unite schools to bridge the gap in education.


Kris Seeburn

Interim COO and CTO


Kris Seeburn has served as a Professor in Information, Systems Audit and Control, IT & Enterprise Governance, Computer Security, Information warfare and a seasoned Information Security Consultant and Project Management Expert. Today, he is a Visiting & Distinguished Professor on IT & Internet Governance, Digital Forensics, Information Security, Risk and Internet Law. He also served as a Researcher/Director for a Digital Forensics Lab with the FBI. He has completed banking and finance audits, BASEL II/III, and various other core standards audits and implementations. He has been actively participating on various International Standards bodies such as ISO/NIST and serves as a Member of ISO JTC1. He has over 19+ years of experience in Computer & Communications Law and various Industry Certifications in Audit, Internal Audit, Governance, Security, Fraud, Forensics, Privacy, Data Protection and Project Management.  Kris also has a range of experience in Regulatory Compliance, Information Technology Management, Project Management, Auditing and Risk, as well as GDPR. He is a Professor at the National Defense University with visiting status to various universities and colleges.


In Kris’ own words: I write on different subject matters as I feel inspired and the ideas come to me .However, the fundamental question is: “What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.”  This was spoken by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, over 2300 years ago, and is one of the oldest quotes about volunteering. iving back to the community is hardly a new concept. With so many people less fortunate than those of us who can afford to travel, and with funding for social services being brutally slashed, volunteering is becoming increasingly important these days. From immigrants escaping violent conflicts, to underprivileged kids needing education, and to homeless people in need of housing, there are no shortage of ways volunteers can help make a difference. The greatest thing about volunteering may be the benefits it offers to individual recipients, their communities and the volunteers themselves. Thus, I believe volunteering is a fun and greatway to benefitsociety and, at the same time, increase our willingness to make a difference.





Yelena Trepetin

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

Yelena has been a business litigation attorney in private practice for over ten years. She is also currently serving as General Counsel  to a healthcare company. . Yelena is a graduate of Tulane University Law School. While at Tulane, Yelena was the Senior Managing Editor of the Tulane Journal of International and Comparative Law and also served as a student attorney for the Domestic Violence Clinic, providing legal representation for indigent victims of domestic abuse. Yelena also attended Duke University School of Law where she was a visiting Staff Editor of the Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law. Yelena received her undergraduate degree from Brandeis University. As part of her undergraduate studies, she also spent a year at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Yelena’s other legal work experience includes consulting for a law firm, clerking at the Maryland Office of the Public Defender for Baltimore County and interning for the Honorable J. Norris Byrnes and the Honorable Lawrence R. Daniels in the Circuit Courts of Baltimore County.

Emrah Kaşıkçı  

Emrah lives in the country which is a bridge between two continents, Europe and Asia and surrounded with seas on three sides.  After graduating as Computer Engineer from one of the top universities of Turkey, he directed his career to computer systems and infrastructures. Emrah worked as a team member in Turkey's biggest internet portal before moving  to the capital and served for one of the most important state agencies as System Administrator for eight years.  It has been more than two years that he works on topics related with DevOps, automation and cloud, such as Docker, Ansible, Amazon and Azure. Emrah believes in the power of information and as a human being he thinks we have to learn nonstop, every day and night and we have to share what we have for a better world.He likes to be in nature and like to feel it. Nature reminds him that he is living, connected with all life forms and the universe and also reminds him that he has an opportunity to make it better.

Phyllis O’Quinn

Curriculum Developer

Phyllis O’Quinn has been a certified educator for 19 years, with elementary, middle, secondary and post-secondary experience in both brick-and-mortar and virtual education systems.  As both educational consultant and Reading Specialist, she has worked with several public and charter school districts in Texas (including Dallas, Arlington and Austin), the City of Dallas, as well as Texas Juvenile Justice Department.  Phyllis’s experience developing curriculum afforded her the opportunity to be an Assistant Professor at Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea, as well as Campus Director for a 3rd-12th virtual school. She is committed to shaping our global education system to fit the learning needs of all students by improving access to relevant, quality education in a virtual platform.

Kharaam Sharifpour

Salesforce Admin

Kharaam is a policy and program evaluation, data analysis and data systems management professional with two years of experience helping nonprofit programming leadership and staff translate their services into system features and recordable data. She has trained over 100 staff members on how to use data systems to record their efforts and showcase their impact through reports. She has a master’s of Public Policy and Management from the University of Southern California, another master’s in Natural Disaster Management and a bachelor’s in Agricultural Engineering.


For Kharaam, data quality is a matter of ethics and she believes that promoting the culture of ownership and accountability along with intelligent system features that reduce human error and ease data entry are vital components of data quality. Working with analysts and managers, she has heard them complaining about missing, incomplete, inaccurate or unorganized data, all of which hinder showing the programming efforts effectively. She is passionate about hearing frontline staff stories about their services and challenges and thrives on making their end-of-the-day data entry as clean, effortless and relieving as possible.


Kharaam has a six-month-old son whose giggles lighten up Kharaam and her husband’s heart and home. She loves listening to music, watching serious drama movies as well as silly ones and enjoys learning coding, VBA, R, and SQL.


Shahara “Bang Valenzuela” Davis

Grants Coordinator

After 10 years of service in the US Army, Shahara began a career in strategic planning that led her to medical education grant development.  This position provided support to the Education Services Team and President by managing the business development and support acquisition processes.


These successes led her to roles in development and management of the Sponsorship Initiatives from inception to implementation of the RFP method including: industry research for therapeutic topics, RFP development with needs assessment analysis, partner application, partner selection, proposal improvement, peer-review selection, budget development, budget and proposal submission, grant management, activity execution/launch, and outcomes reporting for e-learning activities.


She has worked for organizations such as the American College of Cardiology, American Cancer Society, WOMEN Unlimited, and volunteers for the Junior Service League of Georgia, executing fundraising events.  Shahara exclusively performs in non-profit theater events in Atlanta and Northwest Georgia that support charities in the community. She is also the owner and the featured custom pastry artist of BANGtastics.



Pooja Pethani

Salesforce Admin  

 Pooja Pethani is a Salesforce Certified System Administrator and a Certified Platform App-Builder who delivers creative solutions - making Salesforce users happier and businesses smarter. She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Commerce with major in Accounting and Financial Management. She has experience working with non-profit organizations for almost 3 years. She also has an experience as a private academic tutor for more than 7 years.


Currently, she works as a Blood Donor Ambassador at American Red Cross. Working with non-profit organizations really interests her because their good causes inspire her.. She has a keen interest in cloud technology as it helps to deliver smarter CRM solutions and helps business grow.


Pooja is a Zumba enthusiast and likes to travel. Her hobbies also include cooking, reading and listening to music.



Joseph Vlad

Media Coordinator

Joseph is currently enrolled in a graduate program, pursuing his MBA.  Joseph is an entrepreneur at heart and established a store named Safari Natural Herbs and Tea, LLC.

Joseph has over five years of experience working in a variety of fields, including as a customer service representative, carpenter, auto mechanic and assistant manager, all of which helped him gain a unique set of skills

His most prominent supporters, pushing him to excel during his studies, are his 6-month-old daughter and his wife.


Jessica Nielsen

Financial Analyst 

Jessica volunteers as a financial analyst in Texas. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. She has four years of experience working in the banking industry and finance sector, dealing mostly with consumer and commercial lending. Jessica currently supports the commercial lending division for a local Texas bank, but her goal is to take her career to the next level and become a financial analyst in the next few years. Her experience in commercial lending has given her the ability to understand business financials, P&L statements, Balance and Income statements and business tax returns, providing her with the necessary baseline knowledge for the financial analyst role.

Jessica is passionate about helping others and serving her community. She is active in the local Chamber of Commerce, and a volunteer for Junior Achievement, where she teaches basic finance practices to high-school students in underprivileged schools. Jessica enjoys gardening, traveling, hiking and spending time with her husband and 2-year-old son. Fun fact: Jessica is a self-proclaimed burger enthusiast . . .she once traveled across the state just to find the most delicious burger in Texas.  



Keith L. Davis Jr.

HR associates


Keith is a recent graduate from the University of Phoenix with a degree in Business Management. Keith is looking to apply his newly acquired skills to work in the HR field. His greatest attribute is his ability to work with others. His passion for serving others extends to his coaching career, which he has been doing for over 15 years!

Namita Yadav

Finance and Cost Analyst

Nami is a recent semi-graduate in Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. As a young professional, Nami is very proficient in all matters concerning finance and auditing.

Nami is an outgoing and loving person. Some of the hobbies she enjoys is reading, writing and studying. Most important of all is her loyalty to the cause of this organization to ensure everyone can share in a global learning experience.