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  • What is the School Group?

School Group is an eLearning platform where schools around the world can collaborate and learn from each other.     

  • How did the concept of School Group come into existence?

The concept of School Group came from the personal experience of the founder, Mr. Bimal Kumar, who has a keen desire to know more about schools around the world during his childhood days.

  • How many countries are School Group linked with?

At present, we have 6 operating branches and with expansion, in more than 20 countries, our target is to open branches in 100 countries by 2020.

  • How the courses of School Group will be different from others?

School Group promotes peer learning. Our courses are mainly designed to give students the real world collaborative experience which is lack in traditional education system.

  • How can students be the part of School Group?

Participating schools will make accounts for students from where they can choose another county and the project they want to collaborate.

  • How can School Group benefit students?

We are collaborating with the best teachers around the world to design the course materials using the latest technology including AI and data analysis technique which will give students the best educational materials and exposure to the real world working skills that will help them to succeed in life.

  • What are the criteria for schools to participate in School Group?

Any schools can apply to be the part of this global organization. They have to open an account and share some details of schools and then chose the country, schools, and project they want to collaborate with.

  • How can schools benefit from their participation?

Depending upon infrastructures of schools, we are profiling schools on grade from 1-10. The schools that lack lab, library and internet access will have a lower ranking, SG will work with other parties to provide support to such schools. The goal is to move the school to a  higher grade ranking so they can connect with better schools in other countries.

  • Is there a way my organization can help School Group?

We need the support of other nations as well as international organizations to achieve our mission. For more details, feel free to contact the administration of School Group. The mailing address: [email protected]

  • Is there a way for me individually to help School Group?

Yes, you can directly email us at [email protected]

  • What can I do to bring awareness about this organization?

We thank you for your support. You can use your resources and skills to create awareness about School Group. You can also contact our local team for detail information.

  • How can parents be involved in School Group?

Parents are the core part of our project. We are excited to know that parents are keeping interest in this social cause. We encourage every parent to attend the Parents and SG assigned teachers' meeting to know the progress of their students. Parents can also donate, share educational materials or electronic educational materials. They can also volunteer at local schools or become the host of visiting students.


How will the courses of the School Group be different from others?

Our major goal is to fill the gap in the education system in the world and make it more oriented to real-world challenges. Thus, we are collaborating with the world’s best teachers, educational experts, and great academicians to develop our courses.  

  • How can you guarantee the outcome you claim from this type of teaching?

Our course is developed by some of the best teachers in the world. We constantly modify our course to make relevant to address the current challenges. Our analytical software reports generated by our website clearly shows the students’ performance and weakness graph.

  • What kind of courses School Group do not offer?

School Group DOES NOT offer religious and history related courses.

  • Do you completely remove schools existing courses?

Absolutely not. We are not replacing any existing curriculum. Instead, we are adding a small section of highly develop course form expertise in the field to fulfill the gap of traditional education system.

  • How can students be the part of School Group?

Students are our primary beneficiary. They can join us by login into courses.

  • What is students exchange ship program?

School Group offers to some of selected students based on performance and quality to participate in student exchange program. Basically, student will get a chance to study abroad for a certain period of time. To know more about this program, please visit our student exchange page.

  • How can School Group benefit students?

School Group helps students more collaborative study and peer learning. Our courses endorse skill development which gives students real-life working experience while they are still in schools. To know more, please visit our courses page.

What is the duration of a typical School Group course?

Typical courses operate full year.  However, instructors can control the time frame.

  • How will my performance be assessed on the School Group platform?

During your course activity period, our special design analytical tools will constantly monitor your activity and generate reports of your performance. These reports are helpful for teachers to know areas of weakness to work with more effort for the improvement.

  • How will the Teacher Exchange program operate?

We grant teachers to visit schools in other countries to learn different teaching methods.

  • What type of facilities are rendered to teachers?

Teachers are an essential part of achieving our target. After all, they are the one who will operate on the ground level. We have several different opportunities for teachers. They will be paid depending on our budget for that particular season. They will also have specific training to develop their teaching skills and get an opportunity to collaborate with the best teachers in the world. Selected teachers will also get a chance for teachers’ exchange ship program.

  • What if one school can't keep up?

Our local branch will help every possible legal way to make sure schools have enough opportunity to collaborate.


  • What are the sources of funds?

Since we are NPO, we can not achieve our goal without the support of our community. We believe education is the best way to bring change in any community. Thus, we involve the community to help this concept run in the long term. Any person can easily go to our donation link on our page and make a contribution to be a part of our goal and mission.

Not only that, we are also constantly in touch with philanthropists and different agencies including world bank, local government agencies and others who can help this project to work constantly.

  • What are the ways you are financing School Group?

A  large section of our funding comes from our donors. We are also charging a small membership fee to private schools and  also have an online store for selling educational materials.

  • How will funds be allocated?

Transparency and credibility are part of our core values. We follow international norms on organizational expenditure and our goal is to keep it as minimal as possible. The majority of our funds will drive the development of education infrastructures, trainings and academic activities.

We will post a white paper on our expenditure.

Our funds are operated by expert team of finance department. All the information are published at our reports page. We encourage to visit our report page.

  • Who will pay for the Student Exchange program?

Traveling cost and other extra costs will be maintained by parents. However, the host school will make arrangement for accommodation either in a hostel or local community family.  This family is selected after passing security clearance and all legal documents completed before accepting guest. In this case, the host school will work closely with the local community to make sure that students’ accommodation is highly secured and well maintained.

In some rare cases, we allow parents to decide about lodging, but parents have to take full responsibility of students’ safety outside the host country classroom.

  • Are there any fees for registration of schools?

We believe that education should be free for society. It's entirely free for government and community schools. However, we might have a small annual fee for private schools which will only be used to fulfill School Group mission.

  • How can I help to raise funds for your organization?

We welcome your support to our mission. We have several options for raising funds for School Group. You can use the social media link of the organization and like us on Facebook. You can help us in our efforts in crowdfunding to raise fund for SG. You can also arrange a seminar where you can invite philanthropic and School Group representative to raise fund. We encourage you to contact [email protected] for fund campaign.

  • Are donations given to School Group tax deductible?

We provide EIN of our organization which states our NPO status at IRS for the purpose of tax deduction.

  • What payment options do you currently offer?

We accept all kinds of payments. For details, please visit our donate page.

  • Can I have a refund if I change my mind about donating?

Unfortunately, we do not have any refund process once donated. We encourage to wait and give enough time before making any donations.

  • I am an international donor, do you accept all types of currency?

Absolutely, we take every donation and every currency from any country under the national and international rules and regulations. We also take stock, bitcoins, property, intellectual property and other physical wealth as a donation. You can email us at [email protected] for more information.

  • I want to remain anonymous, can I pay with Bitcoin?

Yes, if it is legal currency in your country. Our legal team will make sure to fulfill all the requirements before accepting any donation.

  • Is there a way I can transfer an amount directly to your bank account?

Yes, our bank and routing number is available on our website in the donation section. For more details contact us at [email protected]

  • We are donating as a US company. Do you have an EIN?

Absolutely. We are happy to send you our certification of tax-exempt from IRS with EIN.

  • Can I have proof of my donation to use for a tax deduction?

Yes, you will receive a receipt as a proof that can be used during tax filing.


  • Is there any software that I need to download to use the School Group platform?

At present, we do not have any such specific software.  Sooner, we will have School Group Application on smartphones and tablets.

  • How do I use my dashboard on the School Group platform?

You can watch the tutorial video on how to use our platform. Assigned teachers will also help you learn the needed skills.

  • How can I contact School Group to register my school?

You can contact your school administration to register at our website.

  • What data does School Group collect about me?

We will only collect activity data during your stay on our website. In turn, we use your data for the purpose of course development.

  • Does School Group share or sell my data with third parties?

Absolutely not. Your data will be used only for educational purposes with your consent without violating any local and international rules and regulations on data protection.

  • Does School Group collect biometric data?

No.  We do not collect any biometric data.

  • Does School Group have an android or ios app?

Our team is working on both android and ios apps. We will have a mobile platform soon.

  • Is the School Group platform optimized to work well on smartphones and tablets?

Yes. Our website is dynamic and we are fully customizable on all three platforms.

  • How fast does my internet connection need to be for the School Group platform to be functional?

Your internet should meet the minimum requirements to open any page.

  • How do I log into my School Group account using the android or ios app?

Once you click the app, you will find login tab in the right top side of your app of home screen to login.

  • Can I make a donation through the School Group android or ios app?

Yes. In order to do so, please visit our donation page on our website.

  • How do I sign for School Group using the android or ios app?

You can sign in by logging in to signup  page. However, for full use of the course we recommend to your laptops and desktops.

  • How soon can you fix defective equipment or software?

Our IT team is constantly working 24 hour a day 365 days to make sure our program function smoothly. In any case of emergency, we make sure to fix it in shortest possible time.

  • Is the School Group android or ios app free to download?

Yes. Our apps are free to download.

  • Can I still do my course even if im offline from the School Group platform?

Yes, you may be able to use some section of the courses offline but to use full courses, we remoned to use laptop or desktop.

  • How frequently do I do my course on the School Group platform?

Each curriculum is operated by instructor’s individual preference.

  • What are the minimum system requirements for the School Group platform to work?

Our website works fully on laptop and desktop platform. We are also accessible on mobile and ios devices.

  • How do I Sign up for School Group?

You can sign up by clicking Apply link.

  • How do I upload or change my profile picture in my account?

You can change your profile picture after clicking  login page.

  • I forgot my password. What do I do to get back into my account?

You can change your password after clicking  login page.

  • How can I edit my profile details in my account?

You can edit your profile details after clicking  login page.

  • How teachers exchange ship program will operate?

Teacher exchange ship program is operated by our international office. For more details please open teachers exchange  page.


  • Can I do my internship with School Group?

Yes, you can apply for an internship by clicking the apply link. We are excited and looking forward to work with you.

  • How can I volunteer for School Group?

Anyone who wishes to volunteer can directly click apply link and then select the volunteer section in that link.

  • Who can volunteer for School Group?

Anyone who do not have any legal restriction can volunteer with School Group. To know about our volunteer process, please open our volunteer page.

  • What are the benefits for volunteer?

Volunteer are key part of our organization. We highly appreciate their service to take our mission forward, In  favor, volunteer will receive a LinkedIn recommendation, testimonial, spotlight in a newsletter, and/or a professional reference. In long run, they can also apply for our team.  To know more about volunteer, please open our volunteer page.

  • How can schools participate in School Group?

We accept all kinds of school. To know more about our program, School can participate by making account on our website signup page.

  • How these schools can be benefited from this participation?

Schools are our primary partner. We have several programs and offer for schools. To know more, please visit our schools page.

  • How can I check the status of my application?

If you haven't heard from School Group yet, we don't have definitive information on the status of your application. These processes can end up taking a while, but if there is a good fit at School Group, a staff member will definitely be in touch.

Whether things end up moving forward, thank you so much for your interest in and support of School Group!

  • How can I apply to work at School Group (full-time or as an intern)?

We are always interested in new talent for our team, coming from all backgrounds. Here are the links to apply for internships and full-time positions. You can also check out our Careers page to see our current open positions.

  • How can parents be involved in School Group?

We are happy that parents are showing interest in our organization. To know more about parents contribution, please visit our parents page.

  • What type of facilities are rendered to teachers?

We have several offers for teacher including teacher training and teacher exchange ship programm. For more information, please visit our teachers page.

News and updates  

  • Is there a newsletter I can sign up for to stay updated about School Group?

Absolutely. You can subscribe to our email list and also follow us on most social media platforms. Our passionate team constantly update the information to give the most up-to-date news about our organization.

  • Are you selling any products or merchandise on your website?

We are primarily providing service side of the business. Nevertheless, we are also establishing online educational stores that help generate additional capital. These funds will be used to achieve the mission of School Group.

  • How much research has been done on this method?

We have developing this mode since 2014. Our  team has done 3 years of global education study and visiting 30 countries and 1000 schools around the world before developing the concept.We have contacted expert teachers globally.

  • How will you ensure proper peer to peer engagement?

Our course is designed by expert in the file in such a way that promote peer learning.

  • How will you handle the mentally challenged students?

This is really a nice question. We put extra attention to mentally challenged students. Our mentally challenged students’ expert will guide and monitor being in constantly touch with local teachers to make sure they receive equal opportunity.

  • How can I unsubscribe myself from the School Group marketing list?

You can click unsubscribe link in your email.

  • Who can I contact if I have more questions about your privacy policy?

You can find more details about privacy in our privacy page. However, you can still contact at [email protected]

  • Does School Group arrange any academic competition?

We certainly have some healthy competition. We wish them as well since we all are promoting education for better society.

  • Does School Group offer any scholarship ?

School Group offers several scholarship opportunities for students. To know about these programs, please visit our  scholarship page.

  • Can an excellent student take extra independent courses?

We have some special and advance opportunity for gifted and talented students.

  • What will happen when the students enter college if they are not accustomed to learning by the way the colleges teach because School Group is different?

As we have mentioned earlier, we are not replacing  the entire course. We are just adding a small section of course that develops high level skills into student that they lack in traditional course. We are confident this will help students to do better in college.

  • What happens during a war?

During war or any unexpected challenges, School Group will follow all the standard procedure of international laws and local government rules and regulations.


  • Is the CEO Bimal Kumar available to come to speak at our event/conference?

Mr. Kumar is extremely busy with team meetings and development of organizational structures. However, he would love to talk with students about his vision. He loves to attend events/conferences depending upon the availability of time.

  • I am the member of the press how can I get in touch?

If you are a member of the press, there is a special form through which you should apply for an interview:

School Group Press Request form.  For additional press inquiries, please contact [email protected]

  • I would like to invite a member of School Group to speak at an event. Who do I contact?

Thank you for your interest in inviting one of our School Group members. Please submit inquiries via this Speaker Request form.