About Us

Our mission is to bridge the educational gap globally by providing a platform for educational community, collaboration, and creation in a technologically evolving world.

Our Story

School Group was founded in 2018, in Texas, USA by Bimal Kumar, a graduate with an Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas. In his earlier years, as a youth of the country of Nepal, Mr. Kumar had experienced the difficulties of having access to quality learning. He walked for an hour each day just to go to a school that lacked textbooks, had no library and trying hard to remain positive with such a monotonous education system. It was not until having the opportunity to go abroad and study in UT, experiencing a school with the latest technology and teaching skills, that he was finally able to witness the big differences in the quality of education between two separate countries. Knowing this, he set out on a journey to more than 30 countries around the world immersing himself in each of their education systems, learning that every country’s system had their strengths and weaknesses in what they taught.

Enlightened by all he had discovered, Mr. Kumar was on a mission to integrate the world's schools together to collaborate, utilize the power of his study for the purpose of making learning smarter and make the education of students more meaningful through peer to peer learning.

All of this is what brought about his idea to create School Group, a non-profit, free learning platform, for the purpose of education and skill development, using the latest A.I. technology so that the global learners can have access to a community of shared knowledge that will expand and continuously improve, bettering the lives for everyone.

Our Purpose

Understanding the Obstacles of Traditional eLearning

In recent years, eLearning has grown significantly as the latest development in education. Despite the progress, many obstacles still exist with this technological and philosophical improvement to the traditional classroom. Traditionally, eLearning platforms operate in a one-to-one virtual classroom that isolates learners from their peers. Computer literacy, technical issues, adaptability, self-motivation, and time management are just a few of the issues that traditional eLearning faces.

Overcoming the Obstacles

School Group is an organization formed by leading teachers and experts who understand the necessity of peer-driven, collaborative work. We have developed a platform that connects learners to one another in order to facilitate a more realistic model for learning. Furthermore, we believe that connecting students around the world will increase global awareness and cooperation that will promote social and cultural acceptance.

Our Impact

We operate in six different countries with three projects that connect India, China, Nepal, Philippines, the United Kingdom, and North America. We have representatives in 20 countries who take part in the development and execution of future projects.