After running its test projects, School Group will set its eyes on global expansion. Learn more about how the organization intends to utilize eLearning to build a better world.After completing its fir

As part of its introductory plan, School Group intends to begin several international test projects across six countries in January 2019. Learn more about those projects’ details and goals.The core

School Group’s introductory plan focused around three phases. The first phase was centered on the organization’s foundations, organizational model, and financial groundwork. Learn more about that

In March 2018, School Group was officially registered as a non-profit, kickstarting its plan to craft a better world through eLearning. Learn more about how the organization was built thanks to the wo

Building an eLearning platform like the one developed for School Group doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. Learn more about the studies required for the organization to properly function

School Group’s inspiration was born after founder Bimal Kumar discovered the vastness of the global education gap. Learn more about how the eLearning platform grew out of the need to bridge that gap