As part of its introductory plan, School Group intends to begin several international test projects across six countries in January 2019. Learn more about those projects’ details and goals.

The core of School Group’s second introductory phase will focus on test projects. These projects are planned for a January 2019 launch with 10 tests across six countries: Nepal, India, the United States, France, the Philippines, and Canada.

For these test projects, School Group will set up a team led by a coordinator in each country. Each team’s coordinator will determine which schools make the best fit for the test projects. The coordinators will also collaborate with school teachers and students by providing training on how to participate in the project. They’ll additionally ensure that the projects function fully throughout the test process.

During this testing phase, student data covering psychology, analytics, and demographics will be collected. The School Group team will analyze these data points, allowing the organization to properly diagnose challenges and determine the proper course to overcome those challenges. Any knowledge will then be utilized as a reference for future projects.

After the data has been fully collected and analyzed, School Group’s third phase will begin.