In March 2018, School Group was officially registered as a non-profit, kickstarting its plan to craft a better world through eLearning. Learn more about how the organization was built thanks to the work of volunteers.

During his travels to schools across 30 countries, Bimal Kumar gathered numerous points of data. After analysing all this data he felt something needed to be done: he must launch a company with the goal of lessening the education gap between countries.

On March 29, 2018, School Group officially registered as a non-profit in the State of Texas with its address as 1700 Atlas Road, Cedar Park, Texas.

Soon after registering the organization, Mr. Kumar banded together a small crew of volunteers. This team developed School Group’s articles of incorporation and primary business plan. With the help of the recently formed team, Mr. Kumar decided to launch

After receiving help from teachers, it was decided that School Group would begin with pilot projects in India and Nepal, kickstarting the organization’s mission to build a better world through peer learning.