Building an eLearning platform like the one developed for School Group doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. Learn more about the studies required for the organization to properly function.

The birth of a global organization like School Group doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. For the organization to function properly, documenting each country’s education system is required. Additionally, the influence of finance, politics, and education has to be studied across numerous countries.

Reports on eLearning modules that study each county’s unique challenges also need finishing. Besides this, data on why a large population of developing countries’ students aren’t in school must be collected.

School Group also faces the difficulty that almost all parts of the world lack collaborative-based study. In many countries, students also struggle with proper nutrition and frequent illness. There are additional problems with discrimination, ranging from a lack of inclusive teaching methods to improper education for disabled students to gender inequality for girls.

All of these challenges are ones School Groups must overcome order to achieve its goal of providing the world with a top-tier eLearning program.