Social Media Analytics Coordinator (VIRTUAL/REMOTE)

Our marketing team is looking for a volunteer to oversee a project analyzing our social media output. We are looking to devise a new social media strategy, and we need input from a social media analyst on the best course of action for School Group. This role will encompass not just the analysis of data, but also:

  • The delivery of a report on the analysis and results
  • The delivery of a plan on any recommended actions
  • The planning and delivery of training for staff on how they can collect and analyse data in the future

Activities can include:

  • Collect and analyse data from our social media platforms
  • Explore possible ways for School Group to utilize social media in ways that raise more awareness, supporters and donations
  • Create a final report on findings and recommendations to be given to the Marketing team
  • Plan and deliver training (to be discussed in position) to Marketing team members on how they can deliver on the recommendations


  • Chief Marketing Director and Marketing Manager 
  • Social Media Content Creator and Social Media Coordinator
  • Photography and Videography Coordinator


  • Media and Marketing department understand more about the impact of social media
  • School Group is able to reach more potential supporters through social media
  • School Group understand more about the people we are currently engaging with on social media



University degree or equivalent experience

Knowledge/ skill

  • Understanding of how to use Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and other platforms for business
  • Skilled in presenting to and working with a team who are not all native English speakers


  • Experience is Social Media Analytics is necessary
  • Experience in developing a strategy for Social Media is necessary
  • Experience in delivering training is necessary

Desirable additional skill

The recruiting panel will need to feel confident that the successful candidate understands the School Group values and demonstrates associated behaviors.

o Able to demonstrate School Group values in day-to-day work

o Work well in a team, particularly within different cultures

o Motivated self-starter

o Responsible and accountable

o Report on expected outcomes of placement activities and share any produced materials with School Group

More Information

This is a volunteer position. There will be no financial compensation. Our organization is 100% volunteer run. We welcome volunteers located anywhere in the world, as long as they can connect reliably to the Internet.

Why Volunteer With Us?

We are a community of people that share a common belief that improving education will eventually reduce poverty and improve the quality of life and living conditions globally. Volunteering with us will enable you to build your resume and gain invaluable experience in an environment of supportive people that are always willing to help you.

In return, you will receive a LinkedIn recommendation, testimonial, spotlight in a newsletter, and/or a professional reference based on commitment and performance.

To apply

 Send resume to [email protected]. We would love to hear from you!