School Group’s inspiration was born after founder Bimal Kumar discovered the vastness of the global education gap. Learn more about how the eLearning platform grew out of the need to bridge that gap.

School Group grew out of the need to bridge the global education gap. With some countries maintaining lackluster learning services, it is necessary to create a peer-driven educational platform that encourages student collaboration in a technologically evolving world.

The organization’s founder, Bimal Kumar, began to understand this need as a student in Nepal, where his school had no access to books or a library. After jumping at the chance to attend an American university, Mr. Kumar experienced a school with the latest technology and teaching skills. This opened his eyes to how drastic the education gap could be between two countries.

Equipped with this knowledge, he journeyed to more than 30 countries around the world. During this adventure, Mr. Kumar immersed himself in each of the local education systems and learned that every country has their strengths and weaknesses in what they teach.

It is this realization that forms the backbone of School Group’s mission. The non-profit has been designed by leading teachers and experts for the purpose of education and skill development. A free learning platform, School Group aims to build a better world via a realistic learning model that inspires cooperation, global awareness, and social and cultural acceptance.

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