School Group’s introductory plan focused around three phases. The first phase was centered on the organization’s foundations, organizational model, and financial groundwork. Learn more about that first phase.

To get up-and-running, School Group’s introductory plan is split into three phases. The first of these phases focused on the organization’s foundations.

In phase one, members of School Group’s core team prepared the organization’s articles of incorporation and its business model and plan. They also developed the mission statement and vision, concentrating School Group on bridging the education gap via a peer-driven educational platform.

This opening phase also saw the creation of the organizational outfit that makes up School Group. To handle the expected growth of volunteers, G Suite, Trello, and Slack were picked as management software. These tools helped mold the various units within School Group, from the financial team to the IT department.

Finally, phase one incorporated the organization’s financial groundwork. These steps included preparing the budget for School Group’s pilot projects and requesting funding from companies.

Altogether, the above actions ensured a solid base for School Group’s future, building the cornerstone for a brighter education of tomorrow.