Blockchain For Students | How The Tech Behind Cryptocurrency Can Improve Education
9 October, 2020 by
Blockchain For Students | How The Tech Behind Cryptocurrency Can Improve Education
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In this second decade of the 21st century, more K-12 students are utilizing technology to help maximize their time in the classroom.  According to a MidAmerica Nazarene University survey, 66 percent of teachers say education technology (ed-tech) makes students more productive, 60% suggest ed-tech provides more intellectual stimulation and 82 percent believe tech tools have not only transitioned schools into the modern age, but enhanced learning and teaching in the process.

Digital literacy increases once students pursue higher education or enter the workplace. Students use MOOCs and professional certifications to diversify their skillset, and the result can look like a scattered portfolio of coursework across multiple institutions. To consolidate this information, we need to develop a way for learners to control and access their digital identities.

That is where Blockchain for students comes into play. The database technology used to record and track data — best known for underpinning the trendy digital currency Bitcoin — has the potential to be part of a system that offers students information security and privacy protection. But blockchain holds more potential than just maintaining data integrity. As the technology evolves, it may even disrupt e-learning. In the future, Blockchain distributed ledger technology could create new education models that support open learning, facilitate on-platform transactions, secure student information, make educational records immediately verifiable, and provide instant access to data from anywhere in the world!

Not convinced? The United States Department of Education recently formed the Education Blockchain Action Network, where students, parents, administrators, educators, and technology developers collaboratively develop new and innovative ways learn that will impact how emerging technologies will influence the future of e-learning.

Imagine a world of lifelong learning with full ownership of your digital identity and a better e-learning experience.

Sounds good to us!


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Elise Leise is a writer and international teacher whose work has published in The Huffington Post and MinnPost. Having taught English in Senegal and wrote tech columns in Thailand, Elise now attends Quest University in British Columbia, Canada. After graduating, she plans to contribute to innovative curriculums, policies and educational tech in schools around the world.

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